About Us

About Us

When you are about to get married, there are a lot of things that run in your mind. Apart from the wedding confusions that you have, till the time you officially exchange your vows, you are always worried about how you would appear on the stage or how your friends would react to the decoration of the reception hall.

However, if you have the right kind of a wedding florist, you are not bothered about the bouquet that you carry in your hands, along with the flowers used to enhance the looks of the hall. Therefore, Flowers By Dee comes into the minds of all those, who wish to have a hassle-free wedding with serene and elegant flower-combination décor.

Following are some of our most important features:

  • We believe in providing our clients with cheap flowers. Now when we say cheap, we don’t mean low in quality; we mean affordable flowers.
  • Almost all of our clients have responded with appreciation mails and messages, thanks to the kinds of color-combinations we use to help the brides look more gorgeous, when they walk down the aisles.
  • We understand how important flowers are to you and the others attending your wedding. It is true that without flowers, you can’t possibly have a wedding at night!
  • We are wedding specialist; in fact, this is said as a compliment to us.
  • We make sure that the flowers are hand-picked and the bouquets are handcrafted beautifully. Almost all of our designs are different, since they are all handcrafted and designed to suit the color of your gown.
  • We are not only into wedding flowers, but also into birthday flowers and Easter baskets. We believe in creating bouquets to make every moment special to you.

There are a lot of our customers, who book our bouquets or flower baskets before they pop the big question to their partners. There can be nothing special than a beautiful red rose bouquet to express your innermost feelings to your lover. And why just roses; there are many other flowers that can make her feel special!

At Flowers By Dee, we believe in keeping our flowers affordable, without compromising on their qualities. We know and understand how important your loved ones are to you and hence we make every bouquet with utmost care and love.

Like we say… you never regret buying flowers, especially if they are from Flowers By Dee!


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