Planning a wedding can be both exciting and stressful, especially when costs come up that you were not expecting. But how can you budget for these costs if you do not know where they are coming from? We have comprised a list of some of the most common hidden costs involved in planning a wedding that you should look out for.

Dress Alteration

Remember that even if you buy your dress off the rack, you may still need to pay for dress alteration such as a hem shortening or taking the dress in. There is also a cost associated with getting your dress steamed before the wedding, or renting a steamer to take care of everyone’s dresses in the bridal party, especially if you are traveling.


Don’t forget to add in the cost of stamps when pricing out your invitations; thick, multi-layered cards may be sent by oversize mail that can cost up to €2. You will also need to put a stamp on your RSVP cards for your guests to make it easy for them to mail their response back to you.

Overtime Costs

People such as your DJ, photographer, videographer or wedding band are booked for a certain block of time. If your wedding runs later than expected, be aware that they will charge you an overtime fee for staying, and this can vary greatly in cost. Make sure to always ask your vendors if they charge an overtime fee, what it is, and whether or not it is outlined in their contracts so you know ahead of time.


Photographers, videographers, caterers, makeup artists, hairstylists and more are all providing a service to you on your wedding day. Some caterers include a mandatory 20% gratuity but photographers, makeup artists and hairstylists usually do not. Budget for a little bit extra for gratuities for those who have done a fantastic job on your wedding day in order to say thank you.