Choosing a wedding band can seem like a daunting task. After all, you’ll be wearing it every day for the rest of your life. Don’t stress though, it’s not as scary as it seems to find your perfect wedding band. For starters, unlike engagement ring shopping, you get to go wedding band shopping together as a couple. This means you don’t have to drop hints, stress over whether or not the other person will like it, and you get to talk about your decisions, no need to keep secrets.

Before you start looking for your dream band, there are some questions to ask yourself about what you want out of your ring.

Do you want matching bands?Talk with your spouse-to-be about your ideal rings. Do you want his and hers bands? Bands that accent one another? Or do you want to choose rings based on your personal preferences, regardless of whether or not they complement your spouse’s band? There is no right or wrong answer, it is all about what the two of you as a couple want to do together.

What style is your ideal wedding band? What metal do you want your wedding band to be made of – gold, platinum, silver, rose gold, or a combination of metals? Do you want a solid band or one with designs or imprints? These decisions are all based on personal taste and there will be a larger variety to choose from if you and your partner have opted not to get matching bands.

Will you personalize your wedding bands? Many couples choose customized wedding bands. There are many options when it comes to engraving the inside your wedding ring. Some engrave their wedding date inside the rings. Others inscribe their married name/initials or an inspirational quote or bible verse. Some even include an engraving of their partner’s heartbeat. Engravings can add a personalized touch to the wedding ring of your dreams.

Will her wedding band be a set with her engagement ring? When proposing, sometimes people purchase an engagement ring and wedding band set. These rings are designed to match and typically are structured in such a way that they fit together as a two-piece set. Just because a complimenting wedding band was not purchased at the time of the engagement ring does not mean that a matching wedding band cannot be purchased to go with the engagement ring at a later time (after all those are a lot of purchase decisions to make at once, especially if your fiancé was not involved in picking out the engagement ring).

At the end of the day, what is most important in choosing a wedding band is that you love wearing it all the time and that it fits. You want to feel comfortable adorning it at all times. The ring you choose is a permanent symbol of your commitment to one another, so go for the one that you have your heart set on and will be the perfect reminder of your love.