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Wedding Flower Packages

Even though most of the people prefer hiring wedding planners for their weddings, there can be nothing like arranging your own wedding. You get to do every little thing by your own hands; you research hundreds of different things and then select one out of the lot because you want everything to be perfect on your special day.

What are those tiny, beautiful and natural things that make your wedding beautiful? You said it right – flowers! With their help, you get to make your wedding hall livelier and better. Flowers represent elegance and beauty on the day of your wedding. The entire hall looks gorgeous because of all those colorful flowers that you use to welcome the guests and let them know about your creativity.
However, flowers are not as cheap as you think, especially when you have to buy them for your wedding. Some of the flower-sellers or flower-selling shops are so smart that they sell flowers at a higher price, when they know that you need them for your wedding.
You don’t need flowers just to decorate the hall of your wedding; you need bouquets for the bride as well as the bridesmaids. And of course… how can you forget the little flower girls?
Since you need a lot of flowers for your wedding, you need our help to meet all of your wedding flower-needs>

Why choose us? Because…
We don’t believe in competing with the competitors; we simply believe in giving our best to our customers: While most of the people in our field are always ready to battle with their competitors, we believe in impressing you with our products and services. For us, creativity matters the most and we know that if our ideas are good, you are bound to buy them.
We have creative designs for bouquets: No matter what kind of a bouquet you choose, it would look different in your hands when you walk down the aisle with your chin up high in the sky. Our bouquets promise to make you look poise.

We have wedding packages: Unlike the other wedding flower-selling e-stores or land based stores, we ensure that we have different wedding flower-packages for our customers.
We not only provide the Dublin people with our flowers, but also people outside this location: It doesn’t matter if you live in Dublin or in its outskirts, if you choose us for your wedding-flower needs, we make sure that we meet your expectations and give the freshest flowers to you!

We have created two tailored wedding flower packages based on the cost of roses or a flower of similar cost. Please submit a request for a quote for any other additions to our packages or a different flower.

Deluxe Wedding Flower Package

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